Bathroom Designs

Adding a Little Style to a Bathroom

New Bathroom DesignsBathroom design ideas are available all over the place, from magazines to the internet. If there’s one thing that most home owners will struggle with; it’s deciding on the right style to suit their preferences. With such a broad range to choose from it’s not always easy to pick one that might look good, only to find that another aesthetic is preferred after finishing the project.

If you’re looking for a few versatile design ideas, just in case you change your mind in the future, then take a look at these universal options that can guarantee to suit any colour scheme and style.

Gold and silver trim

If there are two colours that can all but guarantee to benefit any colour scheme, they will be gold and silver. If you prefer subtler tones, such as pastel and de-saturated hues, then silver may well be the way to go. Whether the surface will be polished to a mirror finish, or something a little duller – you’ll appreciate the versatility of silver and this is why so many renovation projects rely on it. Alternatively, gold can act as a bolder colour and one that can complement reds, purples, pinks and even oranges.

Pastel tiles

Pastel tones are well-known for adding a pleasant atmosphere to anywhere that they are included. Although many people opt for glossy tiles, or those that feature a laminated layer for extra water-resistance; these types are far more likely to fade over time. Instead, consider installing matte or pastel alternatives, as they will retain their pigment for much longer. If you are concerned about the tiles wearing down, rest assured that as long as they are made of ceramic, they will be just as strong (if not stronger) than laminated equivalents.

Mirrors are always appreciated

Most bathrooms will feature at least one mirror – typically above a sink, but if you’re keen to enhance the aesthetics of any features that you wish to have installed, then more mirrors can be even better. Many people add a mirror every so often within their tile layout and this can help to spread any light present, whilst adding a little extra style to a colour scheme.